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Episode 3: Chicks Before Hicks Update

Hello everybody, Casey Forbes here. In Episode 3: Chicks Before Hicks, Sarah and I cover the murder of Brian Davis in June, 2009. Robyn Davis and her best friend, Sissy Saltzman, were convicted of Brian's murder in 2012.

According to an article by Lisa Addison in the American Press, Robyn and Sissy's appeal for a new trial was denied on May 17, 2019. The appeal for a new trial was based on claims their defense attorneys did not receive evidence from the state.

Judge David Ritchie, who both denied the appeal and presided over the original trial, stated the defense knew about the evidence. Ritchie claims, "[Robyn and Sissy's attorney] seemed to feel that the evidence had to be provided and not just mentioned but the law doesn't say that."

As mentioned in our podcast, I reached out to Robyn Davis via an "ask the inmate a question," but have not received a response. Lisa Addison, the writer of The American Press' article, also has a facebook page set up entitled, "Murder On a Desolate Road." I reached out to Lisa Addison regarding the case and have also not received a response.

Here is the article by Lisa Addison:

Judge denies appeal for women convicted in 2009 LC slaying | Local |

If you have any updates regarding this case, please email us at:

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