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To Those Affected By the Arctic Blast

Last week was one of those surreal weeks we would like to all forget. Here, in Baton Rouge, we hunkered down and prepared for what we thought would be a few cozy days by a fire place and watching all the streaming services our hearts could handle.

For many, it was a nightmare. Fans of the show have heard me talk about my brother, his wife, and their two little girls. They live in Austin, TX. It broke my heart to hear that their electricity went out and the temperature inside their home fell to 50 degrees. To make matters worse, their local water provider lost electricity, leaving without water in their home.

It was such an awful feeling not being able to do anything to help! Fortunately, their electricity is back on and they no longer have to boil their water to use it.

Texas was not the only state affected. My home state of Louisiana felt the same impact of this anomaly. Many endured freezing nights and no water.

The Let The Good Crimes Roll hosts want all who suffered that you are in our thought and prayers!

This article is how to help those affected:

Here Are Ways to Help Victims of Texas Winter Storm | Complex

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